How To Increase SEO (Page Rank) with Image Optimization

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Hello guys, we are going to discuss about How to increase website and blog seo page rank with image otimization. image optimization is very useful for your website or blog audit if you use image content or screenshot you have to must know how my image crawler by google and other search engine at image search result. for example-

From above snap you see when some one search anything by image then your website or blog image content must be on first rank. because today search by image is very popular for many search engine if your image fetch by search engine and someone click on it. it's redirect visitors to your website/blog post or increase traffic.

There are Following Below simple steps By which we increase seo with image optimization

1. Image Extension

Image extension is very useful when we save our website or blog contents images. it should be save in png or jpg format because png or jpg decrease website or blog content overloading.

2. Image Size

Image Size is also very useful for image optimization. your content image size neither too long nor too small it should be between 110kb to 500kb because if image size too small it make text misplace or if image size too large it make website overloaded.

3. Save with post title name

Your website or blog content images should be save with your title name it increase website seo i.e
if your post title about "How to increase seo? then save all post images with that title.

4. Save Image using Hyphen

Your website or blog content image should be save using hyphen this is very important for increase seo or page rank. because google or any other search engine crawling or fetch content using hyphen for example if your post title or image save name like
"How to increase seo with image optimization ?" then google crawler it as How-to-increase-seo-with-image-optimization so you have to already save it by using hyphen it make google crawling process simple. many webmaster also use underscore (_) in place of hyphen but as my experience hyphen (-) searching much better than underscore (_)

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