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About Adprimary ad Network

Adprimary is a smart advertising platform where an advertiser get good quality traffic for their brands and Publisher get high revenue from advertiser brands. adprimary also provide high bidding system for publisher where publisher set it's own earning rates. adprimary is based on CPM, CPC and CPA program. it pay upto $3 for their CPM (for every 1000 impression) program or $0.2 to 0.15 cent for their CPC program. rates of CPM and CPC is also depend on your Website and blog content quality and from which country your traffic comes it's pay much more for US and Canada like countries. adprimary is 100% legitimate they surely pay for their publisher you can trust on it it also accept blog with custom domain.

Adprimary ad Network info:

Founder- Not listed
Headquarter- Viet Nam
Network Type- CPC, CPM, CPA
User Rating- 7.1/10

 Now take Full Review

1. Ads Format ?

Adprimary provide almost all type ads size which include Display and rich media, text based ad with size of 300*250 banner, 720*120 banner, 380*160 banner, full screen banner and many more...

2. Approval process ?

Approval process in Adprimary is simple there is no matter how much traffic your website or blog have. you just manage your content quality. if your website or blog (blog with custom domain) have high qualiy content you'll easily approve by Adprimary.

3. Minium Payouts?

Payment frequency of Adprimary based on Net 7. it pay after every 7 days with min $5 via Paypal.

4.  Earnings Report ?

As a Publisher still I'm not apply for Adprimary. if some one apply for this network or earn something please share with us on comment box.

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