How to Create SEO Optimized Post Content in Blogger

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Hello guys, in that post we'll discuss about How to create seo optimized post content. as we know creating a valuable post is not enough for search engine you have to make some extra effort to make your post seo optimized thats why post content easily crawler by search engine (like google, yahoo, bing) because in some cases search engine also fetch post content. if your post content seo optimized and valuable keywords then it increase your seo page rank.
You have to follow just below simple steps:

Step-1           Use title in post content 

If you use your particular post title in post content then it will increase your post rank because search engine fetch content also if your title also include in post content then it will fast crawling. you should try to use title 1 to 3 times in post content.
For example: if you write a post about How to increase seo ? then the keywords like How+to+increase+seo also include in post content.

Step-2          Use search Description in Blogger

Many bloggers avoid Search Description but it is very useful for creating seo optimized post. in blogger search description is like a meta content if you properly then it will increase your blog seo page rank. 
So after creating valuable post content select some strong keywords from post content which is about your post and paste it in search Description search engine also fetch data from blogger search description. and i suggest you also try to paste your all post title in search description.

Above two steps is very important in blogger post optimization for learn more seo tips stay connected with us with social follow page and free email subscription.

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thank you for sharing , happy once felt reading in this blog, so more insight .. hopefully always given the health and success always ..
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Anonymous said...

Hello Vajid,

This is a great post. But the problem is that my blogger account does not show Search Description. In my case, under Location, all I get is Options section. I only placed keywords until now at Labels.

What can I do?


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