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About Revenuehits ad Network

Revenuehits is the one the best contextual and Geo target based ad network which provide variety of ad solution for publisher and advertiser. it operated by myadwise ltd. company. the main motive of that provide a variety of online widget which include toolbars, IM Applications, search widget, website promotion and many more services. revenuehits based on CPM or CPA module.

Revenuehits ad Network info:

Founder- Team of Expert Group
Establish Year- early 2008
Headquarter- Israeli
Network Type- CPM, CPA

 Now take Full Review

1. Ads Format ?

Revenuehits provide variety of ads size which include Display and rich media, text based ad, popup, popunder, double screen popup, mobile ad, xml feed, widget, applications.

2. Approval process ?

Approval process in revenuehits is simple there is no matter how much traffic your website or blog have. you just manage your content quality. if your website or blog have high qualiy content you'll easily approve by revenuehits.

3. Minium Payouts?

Payment frequency of Revenuehits based on Net 30. it pay after every 30 days with min $50 via Paypal.

4.  Earnings Report ?

4.  Payment Proof ?

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What is minimum monthly traffic requirement for approval

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Anonymous said...

Your article is very helpful for me. I read it very carefully. It gives me many valuable information. Now I will use REvenueHits. I will try to follow your suggestion. Thank you.
Thank you

KFT said...

Great article, many thanks KFT

Nitesh Nayak said...

Greqt article really its gives too much info....

vinit said...


Maisha Yetu said...

I'm going to use this on my blog. Please, pay a visit once @

Steven Andry said...

Great work bro , its really an amazing adsense alternative for any one banned from google adsense or her request didnt accepted. and im personally use it .
best regards

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what is the minimum traffic and can i use both adsense or revenue in one website


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