What Is SEO and How It's Work?

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Hello guys, in this post we'll discuss about what is seo? and how it's work for increase website or blog traffic or page rank. Creating a good quality post is not enough for webmasters after creating valuable post now your duty to get your post on first rank on google search result. if your website or blog have good seo then it will fast get on high rank on google. See Below snap to understand the concept of google page rank.

From above snap we can easily understand the concept of increase page rank with seo power. if some one find anything on google search (any other search engine) there are millions of result show according to their query but website that show on first page is high probability to visitors click on it even if website on first page also on first query result so there are 83% chance to visitors click on it.
so make your website on first page is done by SEO. your website page rank is directly proportional to your seo power.

SEO stand for "Search engine optimization" they are two types 

1. On Page SEO
2. Off Page SEO

1. On Page SEO

Increase website or Blog Page Rank with in website techniques know as On page SEO
for example- meta tag, image optimization, keywords reacharch, improve content quality

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2. Off Page SEO

Increase website or Blog Page Rank From Out side website techniques know as Off page SEO
for example- back Links, Social network Promotion, forum posting, comment posting, directory submission.

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