How To Increase SEO With Url Optimization Lesson-5

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Hello guys, in this post we are going to discuss about how to increase seo and page rank with url optimization. url optimization is one of the best method to improve search result in google and many other search engine. if you make right thing about your url structure then no body can stop your post to make high visibility there are so many factor affects the url visibility in search that we'll discuss one by one like url length, url sub-directories, special characters, keywords etc so come to the point just follow below simple steps to improve url optimization visibility.

1.  Sub Directories

Improving sub directories is very important factor for url optimization if your blog or website post contains moth and year extend like www.myurl/03/ title.html then try to remove the part of month and year (03/2015) it will make url overloading. 
Also remember if you use any images in post content then try to save image with proper title url
For example if you write something about seo tips then save image as seo-tips it will be the image url which attracts more searching visibility and readers.

2. Avoid Special Character 

Avoid special character is also most important if your blog or website post url contains special character like (%,@,# etc) then try to remove it from url. because google search engine or any other search engine unable to crawl the special character and the result is your url visibility decrease.

3. Short the Permalink

Permalink is the keywords of your url which define your post title it is very important to make pre planing before publish post. if your permalink is long then it make post url overloading and the result is post searching visibility decrease. so try to make short keywords in permalink

If you don't know more about permalink then read below article which give you full info about-what is permalink and  How to create Permalink ?

                                          what is permalink and  How to create it ?

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