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About Infinity Ads Network

Infinity ads is the market-leading advertising network for CPV pop under advertisements. pop-unders have proven to be one of the market highest paying ad formats in the industry. As a publisher of infinity ads, you are being paid for each view to advertisement on your website. All pop under advertisement at infinityads, you are contextually targeted to ensure your websites visitors are viewing relevant ads. infinity ads offers pop under advertisement instead of pop-ups. if we talking about what is the difference between a pop under and a pop up? 
Pop under ads open in a new browser window hidden under the user's current browser. when user closes their current browser they will notice the pop under advertisement. This ad format has proven to be much less intrusive and more acceptable to users. In addition, pop under ads will not block any of your site content and do not lead to actions where users might be led to leave your site.
On the other hand kontera is best alternative of Google adsense. Infinity ads is 100% legitimate they pay for their publisher you can trust on it.

Infinity Ads Network info:

Network Name
 Infinity ads Network
Network Type
CPC, POP, Intext, pop under, Interstitial ads
Publisher Rating

Now take Full Review

1. Ads Format ?

Infinity ads Network provide Popup, popunder, InText, Interstitial, banners which include 300*250, 728*90, 160*600,  and many more...

2. Approval process ?

Approval Process in infinity ads is very easy you might be easily approved from this network even you have single post.

3. Minium Payouts?

Payment frequency of Infinity network is based on Net 10. it pay once a in 10 days with min $3 via Paypal or via wire transfer, western union, payoneer.

4.  Earnings Report ?

5.  Payment Proof ?

5. Infinity Network Pros ?

  • They Pay on Time.
  • Easy Approval Process.
  • High Bid Rates for advertiser & Publisher (High PPC Rates)
  • Multiple Payment mode availab. 
  • Also offer some promotional services for publisher.
  • Best alternative for Infolink and google adsense. 

6. Infinity Network Cons ?

  • Approval Processes Slightly tough for new publisher.
  • Blog accept only with custom domain.
  • Not accept copy paste content.
  • Not accept illegal downloads website and adult content. 
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