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About Adtall Network

Adtall is performance-based and cost-effective advertising platform where advertisers boost their online sales while publishers monetize their websites. adtall offers CPC/PPC and CPM campaign models through Banner. Interstitial or text Ads on the websites of their premium publishers. advertisers can sell their ads to publishers who will in turn return converting traffic. advertisers need to place ads, configure target audience and set budget. publishers need to generate ad codes of desired dimensions. advertisers are guaranteed better returns from their ads.

Adtall Network for Publisher

Adtall helps you monetize your website traffic by placing their ad codes in visible location on your websites(S). adtall pay you for every valid click for PPC campaign and 1000 impression for CPM campaign. their system ensures that ads from highest bidders are rendered on your websites.

Key Points

  • Automatic ad camaign optimization system.
  • Highest eCPM rates.
  • Quick setup.
  • Relevant ads
  • Payment on request.

Adtall Network info

Network Name
 Adtall Network
Network Type
CPC, CPM, Popups
Publishers Rating

Now take Full Review

1. Ads Format ?

Adtall ad network provides variety of ad format which include various desktop and mobile banner almost all size, popups, pushup, video layout, popuder, fullscreen and many more  .....

2. Approval process ?

After submitting website or blog to adtall media it takes upto 24 hours to make review with your application. once you will approve you get an email confirmation. your website must have 10k to 20k unique impression per month. which is not so tough for any publisher.

3. Minium Payouts?

Payment frequency of Granular Ads is based on Net30 . it pay  with min $50 via paypal, check or wire.

4.  Payment Proof ?

If you got paid by this network, kindly send me a snapshot or payment link in comment box.

5.  CPC & CPM Rates ?

CPC rates- upto 0.40 cent per click (Also depend on from which country your traffic comes.)
CPM rates- upto $2 to $5 per 1000 impression (Apply CPC/CPM ratio)

6.  Adtall Network Pros ?

  • Attractive widget & Ad Format.
  • Multiple offers and promotional niches. 
  • Focused only on CPC promotion. 
  • Affiliation Program.
  • Best alternative for Clicksor ad network.

7. Adtall Network Cons ?

  • Blog accept only with custom domain.
  • Low ecpm for asian country.
  • Accept only original content website.
  • Some feature are paid.

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Malik said...

Payment proof?

upto 0.40 cent per click. Is it for every region or specific? If specific then what's that region?


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