Bidvertiser Ads Review, Payment Proof, Earning Reports,CPM-CPC-CPA-Rates

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About Bidvertiser ad Network

Since 1997, Bpath has been providing its services and tools as private labeled add-ons to the leading web hosting and domain registration providers. Bpath's private lableled website tools leverage any web hosting or domain registration platform by expending its offering while generating new and stable revenue stream. Bpath Providing its services to a loyal audience of more than half a million webmasters and thousands joining daily. over 80% of Bpath customers are small business owners that are using the services through one of it's partners. Bpath is privately owned by the management team. the management team has over 10 years of experience in the internet market.

Bidvertiser ad Network info:

Founder- ----
Establish Year- ---
Headquarter- US
Network Type- CPC, ebay, popup
Min Payment$10 via paypal, payoneer     
Contact Details-  +253.498.0590/

Publisher Rating- 8.2/10 

Bidvertiser for Publisher

You get paid for every visitor that clicks on an ad, and an extra revevnue if the click turns into conversion. our goal is to enable you to make as much as possible from your advertising space, by letting advertising bid on your ad space. we pay monthly, eigher by check, wire or instantly through paypal with a minimum of only $10.

Key Points

  • Customize layouts
  • Bidding process
  • A low payment threshold
  • RTB Platform.
  • Minimum Payouts.

Bidvertiser for Advertiser

Bidvertiser provide variety of ad solution for advertiser you can easily run your ad on their pay per click advertising network and start receiving new targeted and easy-to-convert prospects in less than 10 minutes.

Key Points

  • Customize layouts
  • Bidding process for advertisers
  • setup own budget and capping
  • RTB Platform.
  • GEO targeting.

Now take Full Review

1. Ads format?

Bidvertiser provide all most all types of ad format which includes rich media banners, inline text, popup's window, popunder, e-books tools, promotional widget and many more..... 

2. Approval process?

Approval process in Bidvertiser is simple you can apply even with a single post. Bidvertiser accept almost all types of website excluding adult content.

3. Minimum Payouts ?

Payment frequency of Bidvertiser based on NET-30. its pay after every 30 days with min $10 via paypal and $500 via wire.

4. CPC, CPM, CPA Rates ?

CPC rates= $0.2 to $0.70 per click
CPM rates= upto $3 for every 1000 impression (Also depends on traffic comes from which country)

5. Earning Report ?

6. Payment Proof ?

6. Bidvertiser Pros ?

  • Attractive ad format.
  • Multiple offers and promotional niches. 
  • Focused only on CPC promotion. 
  • Affiliation Program.
  • Best alternative for adsense ad network.

7. Bidvertiser cons ?

  • Blog accept only with custom domain.
  • Low ecpm for asian country.
  • Not accept adult content.
  • Accept only original content website.
  • Some feature are paid.

If You have any Query Don't Hesitate to comment us we solve your problem as soon as possible
                                                              "Happy Earnings"

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