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About Adsoptimal ad Network

Adsoptimal was established in October 2012 and is located in San Francisco california. they have provide variety of ad solution for both publisher and advertiser. they building some of the largest apps on the web and facebook reaching over 150 million people. now they turned past of blood, sweat, and tears into a product that can help you grow your business. Adsoptimal is 100% legitimate they pay for their publisher you can trust on it. 

Adsoptimal ad Network info:

Founder- ----
Establish Year- --- 2012
Headquarter- US
Network Type- CPM, Mobile
Min Payment$50 via paypal, check   
Contact Details-

Publisher Rating- 5.2/10 

Adsoptimal for Publisher

Adsoptimal provide best solution for publishers by virtue you can easily earn handsome earnings. Adsoptimal CPM or mobile related widget that makes high roll to clicks on your ad.

Key Points
  • Customize layouts 
  • High Profile buyers
  • Easy Payment Threshold
  • Inovation Ad tech
  • Minimum Payouts.

Adsoptimal for Advertiser

Adsoptimal provide variety of ad solution for advertiser you can easily run your ad on their pay per click advertising network and start receiving new targeted and easy-to-convert prospects in less than 10 minutes.

Now take Full Review

1. Ads format?

Adsoptimal provide mobile apps promotion widgets banners and many more..... 

2. Approval process?

Approval process in Adsoptimal is simple you can apply even with a single post. Adsoptimal accept almost all types of website excluding adult content. it takes up to 48 hours to review your blog/website.

3. Minimum Payouts ?

Payment frequency of adsoptimal based on NET-30. its pay after every 30 days with min $50 via paypal and check.

4. CPC, CPM, CPA Rates ?

CPC rates= $0.2 to $0.70 per click

CPM rates= upto $6 for every 1000 impression and install (Also depends on traffic comes from which country)

5. Earning Report ?

If you got paid by this network, kindly send Us a snapshot or payment link in comment box.

If You have any Query Don't Hesitate to comment us we'll solve your problem as soon as possible
                                                              "Happy Earnings"

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Anonymous said...

I have joined in adsoptimal 1 day ago and I am gold member there. My site receives 4000-7000 impressions per day, and most of the traffic are from Asia. How much I should expect per month from adsoptimal ?
What is their CPM rate for Asian country ?

I only have earned $0.01 with 3500 impression, is it not a insanity ? Sometimes my earning shows 0.03, sometimes 0.02 and now 0.01 !!! How often do they update the stat ?

Hasan Istiak said...

Dont use their advertise. They dont pay. With out paying they update status payment fulfilled. they liar.


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