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About Monumetric ad Network

Monumetric network founded in 2012, set out to provide bloggers with an ad-solution that favored the website owner. monumetric network working with ad-networks for years and were fed up with the lack of reporting, performance, and answer in general. so they started the blogger network and quality became the fastest growing advertising network in the blogging space.

Monumetric ad Network info:

  • Founder- ----
  • Establish Year- --- 
  • Headquarter- US
  • Network Type- CPM, text, display, video
  • Min Payment$100 via wire, check
  • Website-
  • Contact Details-
  • Publisher Rating- 5.2/10 

Monumentric for Publisher:

Monumetric has refined tools to provide variety of monetization tools. and give website owners control and bring in exponentially more revenue through pop and video ads.

Key Points
  • Weekly Payment
  • Minimum Payouts
  • 40+Ad formates 
  • 10% life time commision for refferal
  • Highest rates

Now take Full Review

1. Ads format?

Monumetric provide variety of ad solution which provide rich media, popup, popunder, corner peel, wallpaper skinning and multiple banners.

2. Approval process?

Approval process in Monumetric is simple your website/blog must have 25k unique impression per month.

3. Minimum Payouts ?

Payment frequency of  yes advertising based on NET 45. its pay  $100 via wire, check.

4. CPC, CPM, CPA Rates ?

CPM rates=  Rates varies from country to country and maximum upto $6 for every 1000 CPM.
CPC rates= $0.30 to $0.90 per click.

5. Earning Report ?

If you got paid by this network, kindly send Us a snapshot or payment link in comment box.

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